Sunday, June 28, 2009

Firings on the Lake June 26 2009

Floating Land: Rising Seas, Climate Change: Boreen Point, Dunn's Beach.

An ephemeral artwork made by quixotica artists, friends and lit by fire made by Gubi Gubi firemakers, who sung and danced as the kilns smoked and flared.

Artists: Rowley Drysdale, Julie Wall, Tony Grimshaw, Wesley Denic, Kari, Stephen Roberts, Ellen Appleby, John Ritchie, Linda Perry, and many other friends and helpers (too many to mention - we thank you all!) from Sunshine Coast TAFE and beyond.
Musicians: Lyndon and Gubbi Gubbi dancers, Kari.

Images in slideshow, enjoy!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catching up - Peter Harris Raku workshops March 2009

Peter Harris recently ran a workshop for a group of 12 local ceramicists on raku techniques and firing. The workshop covered the application of glazes and patinas, and the method of firing that he uses to create the subtle colours he is well known for. He showed us how to apply glazes, and colours, as well as fuming techiques. Peter's experiences in Africa were a highlight of the weekend and he demostrated some of the thrown shapes and stamped decoration that are a signature of his work inspired by his travels.

Peter preparing glazes and patinas for decoration

At the spray booth

Peter demonstrating decoration techniques on wheel-thrown vase.

Results of the Raku firing

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catching up - Ian Currie's workshop, Hands on Glaze Testing, February 2009

It's been sometime since our last post and we have been busy at quixotica.

IAN CURRIE Hands-on Glaze workshop
This 2 day workshop by well known potter Ian Currie will be held later on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th December 2008.Ian will take participants through his systematic glaze testing method. For those who have only a little experience with glazing, this workshop will help you understand how glaze materials affect glazes. More advanced ceramicists can glean specific information from Ian's extensive and well researched knowledge of glazes.This workshop was sponsored by an RADF grant.

Ian Currie's workshop was illuminating and inspiring, and now a group of 12 local potters know how to systematically glaze test. Stephen and Kari continue to put test tiles through the kilns. Stephen has even worked out a very effective way of making tiles.

Ian outlining the process.

Kari and Stephen making the base glazes

Mixing the test glazes.

Examining the resulting test tiles.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bob Connery Workshop

Three days of lustre glazing .... it was simply an amazing workshop producing luscious coloured crazed glazes and exquisite lustres. We are all now passionate lusterers, thanks to Bob, and we even know how to deal with some of the challenges, and firing techniques.

Samantha cleaning up the pots after firing - yes it was cold on the Sunshine Coast that morning!

The red lustre - it really worked on this pot of Carol's

Monica's gold on turquoise glaze. The crazing has red lines, just beautiful.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


During April and May James created thrown and handbuilt ceramics that were fired in the anagama kiln. Rich, luscious and gorgeous pots.

Cooroy clay with shino glaze

Porcelain with clear glaze

Cooroy clay with double dip sugar shin0

Cooroy clay, iron oxide design, miwa white glaze.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

firsts, seconds and racers

This inaugural exhibition at quixotica featured artists who had worked at the studio during 2007 as well at the award winning students from Sunshine Coast TAFE.

The opening of the "bridge" was also celebrated with much drinking and eating!

Artists exhibiting were: Liz Cells, Tania Murray, Michael Ciavaralla, Paul Davis, Rowley Drysdale, Issac Patmore, Stephen Roberts, Barry Tate, Julie Wall.